Sunday, January 27 from 3 to 5 pm

Reflections Yoga
227 East 24th Street
NY, NY 10010

Tuition: $40

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In this workshop, I invite participants into the silence between musical experiences, through activities that include listening to solo Bach and Indian music on the violin, as well as vocalizing together. Throughout, attention is focused on conscious breathing, relaxation in the body and mind, the effect of the music on one’s thoughts, how one feels, and what changes in awareness take place during listening. Participants experience that their breathing becomes deeper, emotions are calmer, and the mind becomes clear and focused. There is a renewed freedom from stressful thoughts

, anxiety and fatigue as well as an increased energy and awareness of vibration in the body. No prior musical experience is necessary.

What participants have said about Michael’s workshop:

“The music felt meditative and spiritual to me

, the singing an emotional release I had never experienced singing before.”

“I especially enjoyed the chance to sing in that safe, centered and meditative way.”

“My breath deepened and I felt warmth in my chest and hands.”

“This violin – most powerful sound.” 

“Michael’s warm, open demeanor created an atmosphere of trust and exploration.”

“Not only did I reach a state of calm, centered and connected, I am leaving with specific tools I can use for myself and in my work.”

Starting from: Sunday, 27 January 2019 3:00 pm
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Sound and Health through Music Workshop