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A player gains results simply by listening and matching pitches. No feedback from the program is necessary, as the players own ears provide instant feedback.Benefits that have been experienced and documented include improved intonation, increased awareness of pitch and tunings, and creative application of pitch to performance.

ULTIMATE PITCH – Practical Assistance for Pitch Perfection

Ultimate Pitch is a computer-music program written to help musicians, teachers and students to improve intonation. Michael Braudy designed UP with violinist/teacher Yang-ho (Makoto) Kim.

The program generates accurate tones up to 1/100 of a half-step, or a cent. Scales and arpeggios are pre-programmed, and can be produced in a variety of timbres, or tonal qualities, at any tempo. Equal-tempered, Just or Pythagorean tunings can be applied to the scales and arpeggios. Users can input compositions via an on-screen piano-keyboard to play and modify.

Ultimate Pitch, designed between 1985 and 1990, runs in a DOS window in Windows. It originally sold for $250. At this time, Michael Braudy would like to donate the remaining copies to music teachers and schools in exchange for feedback for future versions. The package includes software, synthesizer, a tutorial and a feedback form. The synthesizer plugs into the parallel port of the PC and connects to the stereo for sound. The program runs on a 286 PC, or any subsequent operating system.

An updated version will be developed incorporating a library of Indian ragas. This project was inspired by a request from Yehudi Menuhin several years ago.

If you would like to receive a free copy of Ultimate Pitch to use in your teaching or practice, please contact me by Contact . Please describe your area of music teaching or performance, and how or where you would like to use the program. Feel free to email or call with questions. If you wish to receive a copy, please send a check for $10 to cover shipping and handling.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you.