Sessions in Music for Relaxation and Stress-Reduction

Music for Relaxation and Stress-Reduction sessions use music and short periods of quiet between musical activities, to increase relaxation, focus and awareness.  Exercises in a typical session include listening to music on violin and voice while paying attention to breathing, body and thoughts, and vocalizing. No singing experience is required.

During the moments of silence between musical experiences, one often finds that the breathing deepens, the body and emotions become calmer, and the mind is clearer and more focused.

Benefits include a greater freedom from the stressful thoughts that interfere with our everyday activities and an increased vitality and awareness, which enhances our relationship with ourselves and others.  After a session, participants often report a more relaxed body and mind, deeper and slower breathing, and awareness of the vibration of the music in the body.

Syntel Workshops in Mumbai and Pune (2008)

Michael Braudy gave Sound and Health sessions in the workplace at Syntel, in Mumbai and Pune, India, in February 2008.  This is the announcement that went out to Syntel employees before the sessions:

Subject: “Meditation through Music” – life enrichment this week

Hi all,

Music helps in attaining a pure state of consciousness. A relaxed body and mind increases personal magnetism. There is immediate relief from stress. It is like a great river that merges the streams of Vedic, Tantric and Devotional sound and carries them towards the vast ocean of consciousness.

The wonderful bonus of this practice of meditating with music is that the process, the journey itself, is highly pleasant. Every step of the way you are bathing yourself in uplifting sounds and music, balancing and healing your heart, mind and spirit.

Michael Braudy, an experienced musician in both Western and North Indian classical music will be conducting a session on ‘Meditation through Music’ on Friday, the 15th of February.

A little more about Michael Braudy…

He has played with many orchestras in New York City and given solo and joint recitals. A versatile improviser, he often collaborates creatively with other performers, including mimes, dancers, vocalists, singers and other instrumentalists.

Michael began studying Indian violin in 1978 with Roop Verma, a disciple of Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar. In recent years, he has made many trips to India, to study with Northern Indian violin maestro Pt. V.G. Jog and others.

Neha Kalsi
Training & Development
Syntel Sourcing Pvt Ltd.

Testimonials from Participants of the Syntel Workshops

“We need regular practice on this.”

“The session was very good, such kind of sessions help to reduce the
daily work strain.”

“Very unique experience, the workshop needs to extend for another hour.”

“It was very relaxing, while listening to music I could feel the negative energy coming out from my body. I would like to attend such kind of more sessions. Kindly request Syntel to conduct such a great session again and again.”

“Excellent session. Overall a very good and relaxing experience.”

“These kinds of events should be organized on monthly basis.”

“Very relaxing and refreshing”

“Easy to use meditation tips, good place and effective communication and kept interest levels very high during the workshop. The workshop was great.”

“This was an amazing class and should happen on a routine basis.”

“Such program should be more frequent, these are very beneficial.”

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