As a guest speaker, Michael gives interviews on the radio and Internet, both in the studio and from his home. In his talks, he speaks about his experience with a wide range of music, from Western to Indian and Celtic, and his workshops of music for meditation and health. He enhances the listeners’ enjoyment by playing the violin on the interview, including solo Bach, Indian ragas, and Celtic music, including airs of Ireland and Scotland and his own Celtic compositions, often inspired by Indian ragas. Michael demonstrates how these diverse kinds of music can be used for health and meditation. His CDs for music are available to play on the show.

Interviews and Programs

Some of the radio talk shows on which Michael has been a guest are WGTK in Louisville on the Dan Frager Show, KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio in Living Juicy with Rhea Goodman, and WUFT Gainesville Public Radio in “Across the Prairie” with Cathy DeWitt. He has been a guest speaker on Internet talk shows, including “It’s a New Day” with Dr. Brenda Shoshanna, and a Tele-seminar with Yoga teacher Michele Risa on In addition, Michael often gives interviews following his concerts in India, such as an interview with the Hindustan Times of India following a concert in 2012 at the America Center in Kolkata.


Previous Interviews

Feb. 28, 2012
after my concert at the American Center in Kolkata
Arindam Chatterjee of the Hindustan Times
My background in Music
Interview done when back in the US by email

April 15, 2009
It’s a New Day with Dr. Brenda Shoshanna
In Studio

Sept. 23, 2008
Tele-seminar with Michele Risa, Yoga teacher
Music and Healing
Interview from Home

October 6, 2006
Living Juicy on KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio
In Studio

May 29, 2011
Dan Frager Show on WGTK
Louisville, KY
Discussing Health and Music
Interview from Home

Feb. 16, 1997
Gainesville Public Radio WUFT
“Across the Prairie” with Cathy DeWitt
In Studio