Celtic Afternoon Concert
(Live at Sufi Books, NYC)

Recorded live at Sufi Books, February 8, 2003, Celtic Afternoon Concert features spiritual music of Ireland and Scotland with traditional & contemporary selections of the lyrical and wistful music of the heart soften and brighten a winter afternoon.

Michael Braudy – violin
River Alexander – guitar, harmonica, fiddle and didgeridoo

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  1. Tell Her I Am
  2. Winter Solstice (Alpha Monroe)
  3. If Ever you were Mine
  4. Corn Rigs (harmonica)
  5. The Fall of Foyers
  6. Sporting Paddy and the John Doherty’s Reels
  7. My Dearie and Thou Die
  8. Flatbush Waltz (Andy Statman)
  9. Gan Ainm (unnamed) Jig with Jew’s harp
  10. Introductory remarks about O’Carolyn
  11. Sebeg Seamor (O’Carolyn)
  12. Introductory remarks about Rag Durga
  13. Druga with Digeridoo
  14. Daybreak and November (Alpha Monroe)
  15. The Forest at Dusk (Tin Whistles)
  16. Give Me Thy Hand (O’Carolyn)
  17. Wind That Shakes the Barley (2 fiddles)
  18. Rag Bhimpalasi (“Indian/Irish Air”)
  19. Stack of Barley and The Foxhunter’s Reels (harmonica)
  20. Farewell to Cernobyl (violin & bass harmonica) (M. Ferry)
  21. Aly’s Waltz (Aly Bain)
  22. Over the Moor to Maggie


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Celtic Afternoon Concert