Michael Braudy has been an instructor with the New York School of T’ai Chi Chuan (NYSTCC) since 1985.  His teacher, the founder of the T’ai Chi Foundation, was Patrick Watson, a senior student of Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing.  Michael has extensive experience in teaching people of varying ages and abilities, and his students appreciate his warm demeanor and focus on relaxation.

He teaches classes at Ripley-Grier Studios in Manhattan with NYSTCC. In addition, he teaches T’ai Chi at senior centers, helping participants to gain enhanced balance and health.

The practice of T’ai Chi Chuan has many health benefits, which include improved balance, enhanced vitality, increased mental focus, relaxation and awareness.

Michael also teaches Psychocalisthenics®, a sequence of 23 movement and breathing exercises that activate the flow of vital energy through all muscle groups, organs, glands and tissues. It is performed in the Arica Daily Routine™ and during many Arica® trainings.

Psychocalisthenics is easy to learn. The entire series takes only sixteen minutes to complete and produces a flash of vital energy through the entire body.

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